With her intriguing mix of Austrian, Hungarian, Italian and German blood, it is no surprise that Geraldine has a natural ease with the European arts. She started off her creative career working as an assistant in set and costume design at the prestigious Almeida Theatre and National Theatre in London, before studying for a Fine Arts degree in America, from which she emerged with honours.

After graduating, Geraldine launched herself into the exacting world of commercial interior design, having been asked to join a leading architecture and design firm in the US. Here she worked on hotel projects as well as bar, club and restaurant commissions.

In 2007, keen to expand on her residential work, Geraldine joined her mother, Monika Apponyi, as a Partner at Monika’s award winning design practice, MM Design in London. Geraldine took over the running of the London office in 2009 and in January 2012 she became sole director of the company, leading to the rebranding of the company to Apponyi Design in 2013. Whilst still

relying on the exquisite detailing, love of quality and functionality as well as a solid design aesthetic cultivated whilst being a Partner in MM Design, Geraldine brings  an additional creativity, individuality and freshness to her design, that will appeal to a broad spectrum of clients.

Geraldine has emerged as one of London’s most exciting young interior designers, with a unique talent for drama and colour. In particular, she focuses on a warm, defined atmosphere, as well as a practical, tailor-made interior. Her trademark has always been an enticing combination of luxurious detailing, rich colour, and unusual and unique accessories, a razor-sharp eye for detail and an understanding of how to best maximize space and make it work for those living in it, as well as priding herself on seamless project management.

For that fortunate client embarking on a new project with Geraldine, one thing is assured. The journey will be exciting, refreshing and tailor-made to please.